New Jersey Murder Mysteries

Det. "Arnie" Arnold

Arnie is a detective in the Morris County Prosecutor's Office.  Arnie grew up on a dairy farm in rural Warren County, but never wanted to be a farmer, so he became a cop.  He met Melinda Devereaux investigating the murder of Leo Templeton in Good Riddance​ and the lightning bolt struck. 

Melinda Devereaux

Melinda is most definitely NOT a Jersey Girl.  She grew up in New York and spent the summers of her teen years in southern France with her father's family, where she learned how to make most.of her grandmother's recipes. She is an attorney at Sullivan, Milano and Rosenblum in Morristown.

Jimmy "Fingers" D'Antonio

Fingers is the computer/electronics expert in the Prosecutor's Office and Arnie's side kick and best friend.  He is extraordinarily danger averse and is also the office lech. Melinda can't stand Fingers because she feels like he looks at her like a piece of meat.  As she said, if you asked Fingers the color of her eyes, which, by the way, are dark blue, he'd say 34C. 

​Michael Pampalona

​Pampalona a/k/a "The Chief" is the Morris County Prosecutor.  He got the job because he was a major political fundraiser and the governor knew he was just smart enough to stay out of the civil servants' hair and let them get on with business. 

​Dan O'Donoghue

Dan is an assistant prosecutor who frequently works with Arnie.  He is a straight shooter who pursues cases on the merits, without any political considerations.

Christopher Sullivan

Sullivan is the managing partner of Sullivan, Milano and Rosenblum and Melinda's mentor.


Melinda's grandmother is full of Old World, Franco-centric advice and is happy to share it with Melinda, whether she wants it or not.