New Jersey Murder Mysteries

The only witness to a drive-by shooting of a  crack dealer identifies hedge fund manager Jonathan Hendricks as the killer.  When Hendricks is questioned by Det. Arnold, who is investigating the murder, Hendricks denies everything -- he was at home with his picture perfect wife at the time and the witness must be the same as the victim -- just another crackhead.

Later, Arnold and his girlfriend, lawyer Melinda Devereaux, learn from country club barfly Martha Elizabeth Bennett Johnson von Brandenburg Savoy that Hendricks is the club's coke supplier and that his hedge fund is having serious problems.  As Arnold tries to connect Hendricks to the murder, DEA agents Allen and Brady are investigating Hendricks' drug dealing and pop up at inconvenient personal moments to find out what Arnold knows.  In the meantime, Melinda has her own problems.  Her department chair has it in for her after Melinda snags a major client the chair wanted for herself.  While Arnold is trying to solve the murder, Melinda has to juggle office politics, and avoiding Allen and Brady.

Golden Touch Natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo was the best selling dandruff shampoo in the country. Unfortunately, it was also a fraud, leading to one of the largest class-action settlement ever, with a fight over the attorneys' fees to match.

When the fee dispute is settled after one troublemaker is found with a bullet in his head and another is dumped in the Passaic River, no one particularly cares who was responsible except the investigating detectives, and whoever has other scores to settle.  As the body count continues to pile up, Det. Arnold tries to locate the killer, solidify his relationship with his lawyer girlfriend, the beautiful Melinda Devereaux, and deal with his family through the holidays.

Environmental activist Jeffrey Marx is a member of the Raritan-Delaware Watershed Commission, which was designed to control development in northwest New Jersey, but through a quirk of politics, only gets funding when it approve projects.  Despite his best efforts, Marx has been unable to block a single development in his years on the commission.

When Marx collapses at a Commission meeting, the rescuers discover he was wearing a wire and the Commission members panic.  Arnold quickly finds Marx's recorded conversations, which reveal Marx's, and others, most important "green" wasn't the environment, but cash.  As the summer heats up, Arnold tries to navigate the twists and turns of both a corruption and a murder investigation.  His relationship with his girlfriend, attorney, Melinda Devereaux, is also heating up.  What will be more of a challenge, Arnold rounding up dozens of corrupt developers and politicians, plus nabbing a murder, or New York City native Melinda adjusting to Arnold's farm-raised family?

‚ÄčLeo Templeton is a successful partner at a prominent New Jersey law firm.  Motivated only by money and sex, to get there, he has lied to, cheated on, and stolen from his partners, his clients, his wife and his girlfriends.  When he is found dead just before the partners' meeting to throw him out of his firm, there is no shortage of suspects.

All of them, and more, have motive and opportunity to have committed the murder, and the evidence points to most many of them.  As his partners discover and try to clean up the mess he left behind and maneuver to take his place, Det. Arnold tries to sort through Templeton's sordid life to find the killer. Will the help of beautiful insider Melinda Devereaux be enough for Arnold  to solve the crime?  With Templeton hurting everyone in his life, will anyone other than Arnold care whether the murderer is brought to justice.