New Jersey Murder Mysteries

Pick Up A Good Murder Mystery

If you're looking for a funny, romantic murder mystery to read while hanging out at the

beach or by the pool, then try one of these books by Lindsey Taylor.

You may have guessed from the domain name that they're set in New Jersey.  As everybody

knows, there's more to New Jersey than the New Jersey Turnpike.  Unless, of course, your only

experience with New Jersey is speeding through on the Turnpike between Delaware and New York

or watching the opening credits for The Sopranos.

There are actually several New Jerseys.  One New Jersey is the inner city, where Snow in Spring​ begins, with a street-corner drug dealer drug dealer is killed in a drive-by shooting.  There's the New Jersey of ethnic neighborhoods with closely packed houses.  That's Janet Evanovich's territory.  For now.  There's the ritzy New Jersey where One Percenters live in large houses on multi-acre lots.  And there's the New Jersey of corrupt politicians, which covers all three.  I concentrate on the last two.  Besides, romance is a lot easier if you spend a couple of bucks for some nice food and a good bottle of wine.

Good Riddance begins with a lawyer that everyone hates, and no one will miss, being found dead in his office, bashed in the head.

The Green Team​ starts with a politician collapsing at a zoning board meeting.  While his rescuers try to give him CPR, they discover he's wearing a wire, so they let him die.

Repeat As Necessary ​begins with a Texas lawyer being found shot in the trunk of his car, while his private jet is waiting. (He was trying to screw over some NJ people.  What did he expect?  A snow cone on the boardwalk?)

Snow in Spring transitions from the drive-by shooting to a down-on-his-luck hedge fund manager who's lost all his clients' money and turns to dealing coke to try to earn it back.